Basic English – 27th April 2022

  • 27th April 2022, 10:00 to 12:15
  • South Staffordshire College

This course is for adult learners who are struggling with English or would like to brush up and improve their knowledge. The contents in this course encourages, motivates and develops your confidence in a positive manner. Learners will understand and know the importance English used on a daily basis in your own lives and the workplace. you will learn how to construct simple and complex sentences, grammar, spelling, punctuation and pronunciation..

Learners will develop and improve the four key skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students will also develop and improve their communication skills, build-up their self-esteem and confidence along with making new friends. You will learn sounds, words, sentences, verbs, nouns, grammar everything you will need to know to improve your English.

Wednesday 27th April 2022 – Wednesday 29th June 2022


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