Level 1 Health & Wellbeing – 31st Oct

  • 31st October 2022, 09:30 to 15:30
  • Stafford JCP

This is a Level 1 Health & Wellbeing Programme and is designed to help boost the confidence & wellbeing of the attendees who access the programme & help them on their journey towards employment or further education. Its purposefully designed to help those furthest away from the employment market than job ready candidates although, for those who do have confidence & wellbeing concerns, it can serve as a good little boost, prior to getting employment also.


The programme consists of:


Unit 01: Introduction to stress and stress management


Unit 02: Develop an awareness of mental health


Unit 05: Personal safety awareness

Unit 06: Introductory awareness of the importance of healthy eating and drinking for adults


Unit 11: Self Esteem and body image

Day 5:

Recap & Complete outstanding work.


All attendees will have an accredited certificate in Level 1 Health & Wellbeing Certificate if they complete the programme.

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