Maths Made Easy – 15 Sep

  • 15th September 2022, 10:00 to 15:00
  • Upper Moreton Farm

The course is for people who may be interested or curious to up skill their maths in a variety of practical learning situations that apply to their everyday life within a countryside setting. It is a hands-on course with some theory learning and opportunities for those who wish to learn more.

Course aims:

1.     Learning about how maths in used in everyday life – to include measuring, counting, weighing out, use of ratio, division, budgeting and using maths related equipment such as tape measures and weighing scales.

2.     Understanding different ways of utilising available resources – (sowing autumn growing plants), using and creating dishes from harvested crops, upcycling simple items.

3.     Developing knowledge of managing a garden and how to utilise home grown food (creating dishes from available ingredients and planting seeds out).

4.     Market research visit to a supermarket.

5.     Learning new creative crafts to upcycle a jam jar/bottle into a rustic vase and creating a scented lavender bag.

6.     Developing different cooking skills through campfire cooking

7.     Using English, maths and digital skills in a variety of practical sessions that link to everyday life – maths in cooking, gardening, and upcycling.

8.     Using tools and technology safely (digital learning). Create a SWAY digital presentation to share as part of the end of course celebration – a collection of learning activities.

9.     Developing personal and inter-personal skills.

Starting on 15/09/22 (every Thursday)

10am until 12pm with ½ hour for lunch followed by 12.30pm to 3 pm

Six sessions every Thursday – 30 guided learning hours

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