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Tender Opportunity

4 November 2021
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Tender Opportunity

Tender Opportunity: Environmental and Outdoor Activities Service Provider

Click here to download full tender document and application form: Outdoor Activities Service Provider Appointment – Tender Specification November 1st 2021

1.0 Introduction

This brief outlines the requirements of the South Staffordshire and Stafford Building Better Opportunities Programme for an Environmental and Outdoor Activities provider. The brief begins with an outline of the project followed by a description of the scope of the services needed.  This is followed by an outlining of the targets to be achieved and the available budget along with details of the tender process and deadline.  Finally, the brief includes the tender submission form which needs to be completed and returned by the submission deadline.

2.0 Background

The Big Lottery is using its own resources to match against European Union (EU) funding to create a fund aimed at delivering against the ‘Promoting Social Inclusion and Combating Poverty’ part of the current European Social Fund (ESF) programme, launched in 2015.  The funding will be delivered in the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) area according to local priorities through three relatively small but highly targeted, projects. BES was awarded £2.3m in January 2017 to work with its delivery partners to deliver the programme in the South Staffordshire District Council and Stafford Borough Council areas.  We have just entered the third year of delivery and, having achieved the majority of our targets to date, have been awarded a further £2.2m to continue delivery to September 2022.

The programme aims to support those furthest from the labour market in overcoming barriers to employment, which, typically, fall within the following broad categories:


  • Lack of vocational/basic skills, lack of qualifications;
  • Financial problems – debt, insecurity, benefit delays;
  • Lack of self-confidence/personal development skills;
  • Poor health and disability;
  • Inadequate or unaffordable childcare;
  • Employer uncertainty;
  • Discrimination – including ex-offenders, people with disabilities, race, gender, postcode;
  • Transport – access and availability;
  • Pay, work conditions, working hours; and
  • Lack of advice and support – particularly for people with multiple advice and support needs.

Typically, those furthest from employment experience multiple of these barriers in getting a job or moving into training or education.

The South Staffordshire and Stafford Building Better Opportunities programme aims to support participants in getting into work or closer to work through the delivery of an integrated package of support which enables participants to progressively remove barriers to employment.  The programme comprises three core components:

  • Managed client journey’s– involving engagement, assessment of needs, packaging support around individual needs, providing a supported transition into work, including self-employment, and then providing ‘in work’ support leading to sustainable employment.
  • Intermediate employment – providing pre-employment work opportunities through support for volunteering, the development of social enterprise and work trial.
  • Supported employment – providing work ready individuals into employment based on employer needs, one-to-one support for those transitioning into employment, support for employers in managing those transitioning into employment.

Figure 1 Relationship between core components.

Delivery of the programme involves 9 partners in direct service delivery roles with BES being the lead partner with contract management responsibilities.

The effectiveness of the model depends on the effectiveness of joint working arrangements to:

  1. Engage participants;
  2. ‘Sign-up’ participants to receive support;
  3. Properly understand and assess the needs and circumstances of clients;
  4. Prepare personal development and employment plans with participants;
  5. Enable participants to access appropriate support from other delivery partners and external bodies; and
  6. Progress participants into employment, education or training.

3.0 Scope of the employment support services.

We have identified a need to provide participants with opportunities to engage with others in practical activities as part of a wider process of building self-confidence, communication, team working and skill development that will improve their employment prospects.  We have worked with two organisations over the last two years in giving participants opportunities to engage in a number of outdoor activities and have seen that those who have taken part have had a very positive experience which has helped in achieving progression from the BBO programme into employment or training.

We are, therefore, looking to appoint someone to provide, mainly, outdoor activities for participants which could include the following (not an exhaustive list):

  • Practical conservation/environmental works;
  • Outdoor challenge activities;
  • Working in groups;
  • Team building activities;
  • New skills;
  • Accredited training as a preference but we will consider non-accredited training; and
  • Confidence building

The design and delivery of activities will be the responsibility of the new partner; we do not wish to prescribe a specific approach.

The service will need to be delivered to benefit participants coming from locations in the Local Government administrative areas of both Stafford Borough and South Staffordshire in order to maximise participation across both areas.

Upper Moreton Rural Activities will be the organisation  responsible for the appointment of the provider; BES is acting on behalf of Upper Moreton Rural Activities to manage the appointment process.

3.1 Outcomes

The provider will be expected to achieve the following outcomes with participants.  Participants will have:

  • Fewer barriers to employment;
  • Improved physical and / or mental health;
  • Become less isolated
  • New work related skills
  • Improved self-confidence and motivation

4.0 Payments

 Payment to the provider will be made by Upper Moreton Rural Activities on a monthly basis on the submission of an invoice and all supporting documentation, including participant attendance registers and activity sheets.

5.0 Appointment process

 Bidders are asked to complete the submission form below.  Bidders will then be shortlisted and, if appropriate, interviewed before an appointment is made.  A final appointment will be made by Upper Moreton Rural activities who will be the contract manager for the project.

6.0 Tender Scoring Criteria

The tender submission form is provided at appendix 2.  Please complete this in full and return it electronically to the address given below.

Scoring of tenders will be in accordance with the following criteria:

Services Methodology and Delivery 40%

Price  20%

Experience  40%


The maximum scores will be allocated as follows:

Service methodology and delivery – the submission provides a clear methodology that demonstrates how the outcomes listed above will be achieved.  The submission should include, what support will be offered to participants, what activities participants will be engaged in, what the minimum number of hours of support is that each participant will receive and how participants will be supported to exit the programme to achieve an education, training or employment result or progress into other support that removes employment barriers.

Price – the submission demonstrates value for money based on a combination of the price charged for the services delivered and the numbers of outcomes/results being achieved.

Experience – the submission must demonstrate experience of delivering similar services under similar contract arrangements.  The submission should demonstrate the experience of the organisation as a whole and of the staff involved directly in delivering the services.  The submission must demonstrate that the organisation has the capacity and capability to comply with the financial, output, outcome and other ESF monitoring and reporting requirements.

7.0 Submission deadline

The deadline for submission of tenders is 12 noon on 14th November 2020.

Your tender should be submitted electronically to:

Tenders received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Please direct any enquiries about the tender to David Gibson on 07737 115493 or at

Click here to download full tender document and application form: Outdoor Activities Service Provider Appointment – Tender Specification November 1st 2021

This post is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund.


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