Introduction to ESOL – 9th Jan

  • 9th January 2023, 12:30 to 14:30
  • South Staffordshire Council Offices

Are you from a country that doesn’t speak English? Do you want to speak, understand, read and write better English? If your answers are ‘Yes’, then this course is for you!

We can help you with your English in everyday life, for example at work or finding a job. We can help you use public services, like going to the doctor. If you have children at school in the UK, then you can help them with their English homework. If you just want to come and meet new people and speak to them in English, then this course can still be for you.

This course will show you how English grammar works so you can understand the language better. This will also help you if you want to study English at higher levels in the future.

Monday 9th January – Monday 27th March 2023

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