Introduction to Self-employment

  • 18th November 2019, 10:00 to 12:00
  • The Northfield Centre, Stafford

In the UK, self-employment has risen rapidly over the last two decades.  Self-employment can take many forms – and the best news is we’re the people in the know.

Self-employment opens up a world of opportunity to you which you may have previously overlooked.  Hobbies, passions and everyday skills can be turned into a thriving business where you’re the boss!

For example:

  • Gardening
  • Dog Walking
  • Driving
  • Cleaning
  • Childcare

The possibilities and opportunities with self-employment really are endless.  During this workshop you’ll meet with the team that can support you to explore self-employment, develop your idea and launch your business.  As well as covering the all important rules and regulations in relation to HMRC, cashflow and insurances.

This is your opportunity to explore the idea of becoming self-employed and the range of benefits that being your own boss can bring including; flexible hours and holidays and setting your own wage.

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