Italian Beginners 1 – 22nd Sep

  • 22nd September 2022, 19:00 to 21:00
  • South Staffordshire College

You should have:

  • Commitment to the learning
  • A love of Italy and its cultural aspects
  • A willingness to participate in class activities with peers and to complete homework tasks
  • Confidence to speak aloud in class in Italian
  • A willingness to embrace grammar aspects
  • A willingness to share ideas, information and personal experiences about Italy in class

Learners will gain transferable skills useful to employers e.g. working in a team, social and communication skills, an understanding of English grammar, respect for others and overall increased confidence, as well as their acquired Italian language skills.

Learners will be equipped and have the confidence to progress to the next level of learning – Italian Beginners 2.

Learners will use a balance of the four key elements of language learning: listening, speaking, reading and writing to develop their knowledge and abilities within the topic areas.

  • Listening comprehension tasks will be undertaken in class using CDs and video clips.
  • Speaking of the language will be achieved via pair work role plays, small group activities, games and directed questioning.
  • Reading comprehension tasks will be given in class (as well as for homework) and learners will also read aloud in class in Italian.
  • Writing of Italian will be practised and developed mainly through homework tasks (essential for language building, especially of vocabulary and grammatical structure).

Learners will also develop their knowledge of Italian grammar rules (using nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives etc.)

Learners will receive constructive tutor feedback to tasks undertaken.

Learners will be able to converse in Italian during business trips to Italy.

Learners will gain knowledge on Italian cultural aspects e.g. food, festivals, music, cinema, TV programmes, geography via quizzes, news items, class activities, websites and video clips of Italian life.

This knowledge will broaden their overall appreciation of Italy, its language and culture.

Thursday 22nd September – Thursday 1st December 2022

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