Maths Made Easy – 12 Jan

  • 12th January 2023, 10:00 to 15:00
  • Upper Moreton Farm

Would you like to improve your confidence with maths, connect with others and learn new math skills?

Our course starts 12th of January 2023 and will be for six sessions at Upper Moreton Farm to be held every Monday from 10am until 3pm.

Available to people 19 years + living in Stafford and Cannock Chase and surrounding areas, for individuals with low self-esteem, mental wellbeing issues, a learning difficulty or physical disability.

This course supports individuals who may have had a bad experience with maths before or struggled with maths during their school years.  It looks at everyday maths and strategies to help you to improve your maths.

No prior knowledge or qualifications required. You must be willing to commit to 30 hours of learning and activities.
Funded by Staffordshire County Council – All courses are FREE with support with transport included.

Below are just a few activities you will be doing on your course: the six-week course covers different everyday maths /number challenges.

  • Living well for less – learn about budgeting
  • Cooking well for less – be able to cost and do easy to prepare recipes
  • Field to Fork – the session will focus on how to use maths within the kitchen garden and practical maths applications to use ingredients
  • Upcycle challenge – the session will focus on creating a product from items that can be upcycled
  • Living with numbers – exploring how numbers are used in everyday life,i.e., bus and train timetables
  • You are what you eat – exploring how numbers are used in packaging and recipes

The course will be delivered through face-to-face learning in small group of learners and there will be easy to follow handouts and step by step instruction.

There will be lots of hands-on practical learning where individuals can take part in cooking, gardening, woodworking, feeding of animals and shopping in supermarkets.

Thursday 12th January – Thursday 16th February

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