The Countryside Project to Health and Wellbeing – 7th Nov

  • 7th November 2022, 10:00 to 15:00
  • Upper Moreton Farm

Would you like to improve your self-confidence, connect with others and learn new skills?

Our course starts 7th of November 2022 and will be for six sessions at Upper Moreton Farm to be held every Monday from 10am until 3pm.

Available to people 19 years + living in Stafford and Cannock Chase and surrounding areas, for individuals with low self-esteem, mental wellbeing issues, a learning difficulty or physical disability.

No prior knowledge or qualifications required. You must be willing to commit to 30 hours of learning and activities.

  • Learn about feeding and caring for pet and farm animals in the winter including Shire horses, donkeys, goats, dogs, rabbits and poultry. What do they require to remain healthy?
  • What is National Tree Week? We will be doing a practical tree planting activity – planting trees for the wildlife.
  • Learn about how to grow different trees to enhance wildlife in your back garden.
  • Explore the benefits of keeping houseplants.
  • Learn how to make a winter bird feeder from willow.
  • Stay healthy by growing winter salad crops and sprouting seeds.
  • Explore the countryside, Nature’s Calendar at Upper Moreton Farm and the Railway Meadows Wildlife Pools.
  • Discover the Eatwell Plate – and following recipes to make a nutritious meal on a minimum budget, using fresh produce.
  • Create a seasonal garland/table decoration from natural materials, pinecones, berried holly and seed heads.
  • Go on a foraging walk for autumn/winter berries, cones, seed heads.
  • Experience the Five Ways to Wellbeing, incorporating mindfulness activities.
  • Learn how to stay safe online and you will be invited to share your learning experiences through the Upper Moreton Rural Activities’ Facebook page and SWAY digital presentation.

Monday 7th November – Monday 12th December

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