How To Interview For A Job? Employment

Interview Preparation

So, you’ve been invited to interview for a job and you’re wondering how to prepare. First of all, congratulations. You should take a lot of confidence from being invited to the next stage of the recruitment process. You might be wondering where to start with preparation and that’s perfectly common. We’ve got some tips and tricks to help get you ready for the big day.

Research the Company

Often, interviewers will give an insight into the company at the start of the interview but any background research will definitely come in handy later down the line. Whoever is holding the interview will expect you to have a background knowledge of the company and may even ask you what you know about the organisation. Not only does having this knowledge show that you care, but it also gives you a bigger wealth of subject matter to discuss with your employers.

You should try and link your answers closely to the company’s values and mission where relevant. These details can often be found in the About Us section on their website.

Research Common Questions

Amongst the more specific questions that may relate to your job description, interviewers often incorporate some commonly asked questions. This isn’t because they feel that they have to, but because they are good questions that may bring out your personality.

Examples can often include “Tell us about yourself”, “What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?” and “Where do you see yourself in five years?”. Look online to find common questions and prepare answers to them. These can provide excellent practice if tried out in a mock interview with a friend and avoid getting caught out on the day.

Re-read the Job Description

This is the document that will have attracted you to the job in the first place and it’s important that you familiarise yourself with it again closer to the interview. It’s likely that there may have been some significant time between applying for the job and getting your interview. Therefore, you may have forgotten about some of the key roles and responsibilities that the interviewers are looking to cover.

Try and prepare case studies relevant to the job description that you can refer to in your answers. Any evidence that you can use to prove that you have held similar responsibilities in the past will be impressive in an interview. If you haven’t got specific experience that relates to the job description, don’t worry. Try and see where your qualities, experiences or qualifications have prepared you to take on this job.

Get Ready in Advance and Arrive Early

The last thing that you need on the day of an interview is any added stress that could have been taken care of in advance. If your interview is in the morning, get prepared the day before. Figure out what outfit you are going to wear and lay it out ready for the morning. Get any important documents ready and organised too.

Make sure that you get a good night’s sleep and have time to eat breakfast or lunch before your interview. Knowing that you are fully prepared in advance will ultimately help you to fulfill the final tip.

Remain Calm and Be Yourself

We know that this may be easier said than done but just think of the interview as a conversation to get to know you. If you’re feeling anxious, it’s perfectly common and there are tricks to help reduce it. You can read our guide on how to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness can help to reduce stress by being present in the moment rather than overwhelmed by your thoughts.

Whatever you do, don’t lie. It will only lead to complications down the line. The interviewer already has a basic understanding of your experience and qualifications, so there shouldn’t be any questions that are designed to throw you off. However, if anything does take you by surprise, don’t be afraid to take a second and think before you speak. This time can give you the perfect opportunity to collect your thoughts and give a more succinct answer.

Interviews can be daunting but remember, you have been invited because they were impressed with your CV and Cover Letter. Take confidence from that, prepare yourself correctly and be yourself. You’ll stand as good a chance as anyone and may have even given yourself an advantage.

We hope that these tips have helped you in preparing. If you have any other questions, please come along to one of our Work Clubs across Stafford and South Staffordshire. Taking place each week, they offer free advice and guidance on a variety of employment topics, including Interview Techniques and employability skills. For more information, contact us today.