How To Look For a Job While You’re Already Working Employment

There are numerous reasons why you might want to change jobs. Maybe you’re looking for more money. Perhaps your commute is a pain in the wallet. Maybe you and your line manager don’t gel. Whatever the reason, embarking on the job search while maintaining your current is a difficult task. 

Ultimately, though, staying in employment while you’re embarking on the job search is the right decision. Waiting before handing in your notices gives you a level of security that you just wouldn’t have if you left your current job. It allows you to negotiate with your current job when it comes to leaving. This can be a great benefit if you’re leaving due to another company offering you more money. If they want or need to keep you, you can negotiate with your current employer for a pay increase, if that’s why you’re leaving.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when looking for a job whilst currently employed. These are:

Do Not Bring Your Job Search To Work

People often say you shouldn’t tell anyone that you’re looking for a new job. To some extent this is true – you definitely shouldn’t tell most people that you’re looking for somewhere else to work. Realistically, though, you will tell some people – especially if you’re friends with them outside of work.

What you definitely shouldn’t do, though, is bring your job search to work. Don’t scroll for jobs indeed on your work computer. Don’t print off copies of your CV on the printer.  Not only does this raise your chances of being noticed, but it’s also wasting your employer’s time and resources on something that doesn’t benefit them in any way.

Do Return Phone Calls and Emails As Soon As Possible

At the same time, though, while you shouldn’t bring your job search into the office, if it comes looking for you, you can respond. There are rules to this, of course. If you receive an email from a recruiter you should wait until your break or lunch to respond to it – and then you should only respond on your phone or laptop.

It’s the same thing if a recruiter or potential employer calls you on the phone. While it may feel more proactive to respond to a phone call immediately, doing so may interfere with your work. As a result, it’s a far better idea to wait until lunch or break before answering any correspondence. Trust us, no potential employer or recruiter will consider it a negative against you for waiting to reply to a phone call.

Do Not Let Your Search Interfere With Your Performance

It must be said that, even though you’re looking for somewhere else to work, you aren’t there yet. You still work at your current job, and you shouldn’t slack, although you may feel like you’re mentally done with your job.

Not only does this reflect badly on you, but it also sours your co-worker’s opinions of you. This means that they’re unlikely to give you a good reference once you do leave – which can cause issues when you’re looking for jobs in the future.

Do Continue To Act Professionally

Instead, you should continue to act professionally right up until your final day. If you have a dress code, stick to it. If you have to be in by a certain time, be in on time. Not only will this make finding a job in the future much, much easier, but it will also help to allow you to leave on a positive note – which will help you if you ever want to return to the company or work with your current colleagues again.

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