Will the programmes be one-to-one? General

All of your meetings with your assigned personal advocate will be one-to-one. In these confidential chats, we encourage you to share your fears, apprehensions and personal goals to better help us support you moving forwards. We are a non-judgemental help and advice service and our main focus is to connect you with services that will benefit you on your journey to employment and beyond. 

Once you have a personal development plan in place, we will begin connecting you to the 16 partner organisations we work with. This may be for further in-depth advice, for training, or more specialised support. 

Your personal development plan is yours and yours alone and we won’t share any details you aren’t comfortable with anyone else if you wish. 

Training Courses from Building Better Opportunities

Many of the training courses and personal development courses we offer take place in a group environment. If this makes you feel nervous, please speak with your personal advocate about your worries. We never want to make you feel uncomfortable or push you too far outside of your comfort zone and we may be able to help you develop your confidence before you attend a training course. 

That being said, it’s important to remember that everyone on our training courses is there for a similar reason, and we work hard to ensure the environment is supportive and positive. 

Contact Us Today To Book Your One-To-One Meeting 

The first step on your journey with Building Better Opportunities is to either make an appointment or drop in and see one of our advocates. To make an appointment, give us a call on 01902 696 228 or find your nearest drop in centre.