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Building confidence in children is really important. Not only for the here and now but to set them up for later life too. As parents and family members, we play a vital role in building the confidence of children, and there are things we can do every day to help with that.

Self-confidence is best built through learning to do things and feeling a sense of accomplishment. While praise and encouragement are good for this, building a child’s confidence is best achieved through giving them opportunities to spread their wings, demonstrate their independence and try new things.

How To Build A Child’s Confidence

Here are a few ways to build a child’s confidence:

Learn Through Play

Learning and building confidence through play is really effective. While encouraging independent play is good, playing with a child and giving them plenty of attention is a great way to engage them in activity and encourage their imagination. It can be difficult in the course of our busy lifestyles to dedicate our whole attention to play, but making an effort to do so can be very rewarding and work to build a child’s confidence and skills.

Encourage Them To Try New Things

Trying new things can be scary, even for adults! But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. In fact, when we push ourselves out of our comfort zones and achieve something, it boosts our confidence. And this is much the same with children. It’s natural to be apprehensive about doing different things, like joining a new club or making new friends, but it’s important to encourage children to try new things in order to boost their confidence.

Set SMART Goals

This is an effective way to build confidence in children and young people, as it gives them something to work towards. Smart goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

Here’s an example of a SMART goal:

“I will swim 5 lengths of the swimming pool without stopping by December 31st 2020.”

SMART goals are much better to use than general goals as it helps to break it down into smaller, achievable tasks. Children will then feel a sense of accomplishment, and confidence, as they tick off each one and eventually achieve their goal.

Model Confidence

If your child sees you take on new challenges with a sense of optimism and positivity, they will model this kind of behaviour. If you are lacking in confidence yourself, perhaps you could share that journey with your child and help each other to gain confidence and try new things.

Help & Support from BBO

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