How To Report A Change of Circumstances On JSA? Benefits

As the name suggests, ‘new style’ job seeker’s allowance is there to try and support you financially when you’re looking for a new job. Therefore, once you get one or something else changes in your life that deems you ineligible, it’s important to notify the Jobcentre Plus immediately. Do you know what classes as a change in circumstances? If not, fear not as the BBO team has put together the following guide to help.

What Classes as a Change of Circumstances For JSA?

Due to the nature of Job Seeker’s Allowance, there are certain changes of circumstances that can have an affect on how much money you receive. Changes in circumstances can include a wide variety of differences in your personal life from something as evident as a change of employment to something as small as switching doctors. Examples can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Starting or stopping work, education, training or an apprenticeship
  • Moving house
  • Changes to the income of you or your partner
  • Changes to the working hours of you or your partner
  • Changing your name
  • People moving in or out of where you live
  • Changes to your benefits or those of your housemates
  • Changes to your pension, savings, investments or property
  • Changing Your Doctor
  • Travelling abroad for any length of time
  • Going into a care home, hospital or sheltered accommodation
  • Changes to other money that you get such as student loans, grants or sick pay

It’s important that the Jobcentre Plus is aware of any of these changes as they can all have an affect on the eligibility of your agreement or the amount that you’re due to be paid.

How Can I Report a Change of Circumstances?

Considering the penalties if you fail to report a change in circumstances, it’s important to be quick to react to any changes. In order to do this, you have two options. You can either call the JSA helpline which can be found on the government website or you can write to the Jobcentre Plus office that is paying your JSA. In order to find the address to send this letter to, you can check the letters that have previously been received regarding the benefit.

In order to get the correct amount and not receive any disciplinary action, it’s important to be completely honest throughout your agreement. Otherwise, you could be subject to a £50 penalty. You could also end up being paid an inaccurate amount and end up needing to pay some of the money back. Failing to report changes straight away could eventually also lead to your claim being stopped or reduced. With all of this in mind, it’s always worth checking if a change needs reporting. Thanks to our experienced and friendly team of Advocates, support is always available.

Ask For Advice From the BBO Team

If you’re unsure about any changes of circumstances or about anything else to do with benefits, please contact us. Here at Building Better Opportunities, we’re dedicated to helping people across South Staffordshire and Stafford to develop their finances, career and wellbeing. Our team of Advocates can also develop a plan to help with your personal goals, aspirations and personal development. If you feel like this could be of benefit to you, a friend or a family member, please get in touch.